Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Return of Summer Slackin'

How about these updates? Keep getting further and further apart! I've been spending my time between a part-time office job, animating something that'll be posted ASAP, drawing a fair bit, watching the occasional classic movie(I've got Vertigo for tonight), among other things. Really maxing out the relaxation. Feels good!

I'm primarily drawing film brainstorms so while those doodles won't be going online, I do have more local "Ladies of Luxury" for ya!

This first one was heading into the local movie theater:

Up next--she was hard to miss as she walked her two TINY dogs along a suburban street.

Seeing Wall-E tomorrow afternoon with some friends! Can't wait to see this movie and of course the sketchbook is tagging along. Getting there early, so it's optimum time for sketching.

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