Friday, June 13, 2008

For all you Kung Fu Fans

The internet has exploded with Pandamonium! Check it out:

The extremely cool opening dream segment:
'Kung Fu Panda' Exclusive Video: Opening Dream Sequence
'Kung Fu Panda' Exclusive Video: Opening Dream Sequence

According to my friend Ethan: Animated by James Baxter and of particular interest--one tool utilitized for animating was the puppet tool in After Effects! That's just pure and blinding awesomeness(couldn't pass that saying up!)

And then the equally cool ending credits:

The main characters were animated TRADITIONALLY by the talented guys at Dreamworks.


amelia said...

Sooo amazing!
I saw Panda in the theater but I missed the beginning. I was kicking myself for that! But I still saw the ending credits and was blown away by them. Come on Dreamworks, this is a sign! Lets see some more 2D-fruity work from that studio, right??
Thanks for the links!

Oh ps: SketchCrawl is next Saturday!!

kristen said...

Noooo I haven't seen it yet :( AUGH