Sunday, March 25, 2007

More in Depth

Thought I'd make a more in-depth post about my personal experience of getting into Cal Arts. So feel free to skip or to read on.

3 years ago I pretty much made up my mind to become an animator, I had just left high school early and was planning on starting at a local community college in April. At this time I had just discovered Cal Arts' character animation program and spent spring break visiting the campus----that experience sealed the deal and I told myself "I must get into this school!" Just walking the halls in the animation department and seeing the drawings up on the walls triggered my creative side the rest of the year alone. In April I started at the community college and had the opportunity to take my first real drawing class(prior to this I would just draw on my own or read those "How to" books like mad). The September before I applied to Cal Arts, I visited the school again and this time brought my artwork. Dante was kind enough to look at my artwork and critiqued my portfolio. I'm still very grateful for his advice and redid my entire setup before that January deadline. That December I sent a new portfolio off which included 26 pieces ranging from figure drawings, realistic renderings of people, and a couple character designs along with a 60 or so page sketchbook. March came and along with it I received this letter:

Not surprised in the least that I was flat-out rejected (reading books like Chuck Amuck and looking at artists like Al Hirschfeld told me that) I simply brushed it off and jumped right back in the game. This time around I focused on caricatures of people-not simple stick-like figures like in my previous sketchbook/portfolio---I was spending 2-3 hours a day at the mall food court quickly filling my sketchbook front and back with the characters of Southern Oregon. I also sketched places around my house, local parking lots, and when I traveled to Mexico that summer-the airport/inside the plane. In September of 2006 I started classes at a local university and had the opportunity to study figure drawing and animation under some unbelievably inspiring teachers. This past fall I learned a lot and even completed a short animation which I included in my portfolio. By the time the Dec. 1st deadline rolled around I was feeling a little better about my portfolio. On Nov. 28th I sent my new portfolio off to Cal Arts to be reviewed for their character animation program, this time I had about 10 pieces(I'll confirm when I pick up my portfolio in April) along with a 200 page sketchbook(filled front to back) and a DVD with my animation test.

Well I've already posted what the mailman has brought this time around, however here are a few more pictures. Last year I received just a simple envelope, just like your average letter. This year, however, I pulled this out of the mailbox:


Along with a couple sheets concerning housing, financial aid, and the accepted student party taking place on April 14th. Still can't believe this is really happening, it has certainly sunk in to some degree, but there's still apart of me that all "Wait....they liked my stuff???They're going to let me in!!! What! This must be a mistake!" But I've received a couple more letters that only confirm that I'm in----just still feel very weird. I also want to take a second to give another HUGE thank you to everyone who has been there for me over the past 3 years, and to everyone who has helped me in any way possible with achieving this acceptance into my dream school. The advice and guideance given to me has been unmeasurable and I owe everyone big time. So again a thank you to my teachers, friends, and family---you know who you are. =) Anyways, my next post is going to be focused on what I included in my portfolio.


jeff said...

Grats on getting in! I'll see you there.
(I'm the lunacy on mario's forum)

Jennifer said...

Hey Jeff! Yeah I remember you from Mario's forum! Aww thank you and a congratulations to you also! Look forward to meeting you in April and then in September. Mind if I link you?

jeff said...

Yah no problem. I'll link you back.

Jennifer said...

Alright great. =) You're added.

Anonymous said...

Hey just stumbled by your blog as i'm interested in calarts too. When I saw that scanned rejection letter my heart failed and I instantly put my hand on the computer screen to cover it up lol. It was worse than seeing a horror movie. Congrats on your acceptance, though it's incredibly late now and good luck for your future :T.