Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007's Portfolio

As promised here's my portfolio that I submitted to Cal Arts and brought back an acceptance letter. I don't remember the exact order, but I can make edits when I retrieve it in April. Plus there's some artwork I forgot to scan before sending it off (two pages of various character designs). So first off here's what I had in the portfolio case:

These first four are more of a "incase you don't look at my sketchbook" collage:

Then I took pictures of my stronger figure drawings and made nice prints of them since they're all on 18x24 paper and a little too large to ship without causing damage.

Again, nice prints of much larger then life drawings, I titled the skeleton- "Oy vey":

Then I submitted a 200 page sketchbook which was filled front to back with sketches, I didn't scan each and every page, but here are the highlights. =) The reason the quality is so low on these images is because I used my photobooth camera in my macbook, instead of taking the time to scan them in with my scanner. Also all of these people I have seen in real-life, I assure you the crazy old-lady(bright blue eyes, Jackson-like gloves) who loved her Wendy's(didn't draw her eating her Wendy's) and stalking me, did pass by my eyes. I'll be sure to scan some better quality images of a couple of these people when I get my sketchbook back.

Once I figure out how to add video or something I'll upload the animation that was included. Otherwise this is my portfolio. =)


Cindey said...

some very interesting caricature work! Congrats again :D I'll be seeing you. I'm draggie from Mario's forum.

Jennifer said...

Aww thank you Cindey for the comment and for wandering over here from Mario's forum. Congrats again to you also! Look forward to seeing you around Cal Arts then! =)

yezix said...

Hey Congrats Jennifer!
My name is Yezi and I've been accepted by the CA program at CalArts as well. I saw your posts on the animatedbuzz forum and thought to contact you.

I also got into USC's MFA in animation and Ringling's computer animation. My top choices are CalArts and Ringling because, lets face it, theye are the best! :)

Anyway, I still haven't decided between the two and I was wondering if you had any insights on which one would be better. I've talked with graduates from both schools and a Pixar director about it but I was wondering what makes you so sure of CalArts?


Tahnee said...

YAAY congrats to another CalArts Acceptee :D
hehe I got my letter on Saturday and have been visiting blogs of other people who got in... yayy!
Sounds like I'll see you @ the new student day :D

Tahnee said...

whoops... >.< haha sorry I thought you got in for 2008 from your 2007 portfolio, my bad! (I was searching for portfolios and hadn't quite looked at your blog yet) so sorry for confusion.... nice stuff though!! Still might see you in April, hhaa :D

Jennifer Harlow said...

No worries Tahnee. :) I hope to certainly still see you at the new student day though. I'll be drifting around since I'm eager to meet all of the new people. I enjoyed your website and portfolio--can't wait to see what you'll do for a film! :)

Brett W. Thompson said...

Wow, beautiful work!!!

Unknown said...

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