Monday, February 1, 2010

More Zoo Studies

Weather finally cleared up last week and it meant only one thing, zoo trip!

Itchy bears, really cool orangutan(need to draw them more, they're very interesting characters.), and some of the birds.

The tiger was standing up and gnawing on the bamboo around his enclosure while the lions enjoyed the sun---the lioness was in such an elegant pose, paws crossed, just staring down any people who walked by. The male lion however was all sprawled out in a not-so-elegant pose--definitely a fun contrast between the two.


Johnny said...


Chase Standley said...

Really awesome stuff. your sense of volume in your characters are great, you also have a very keen eye for movement. Keep it up!

I also enjoyed your post on Glen Keane, Do you have any pics of the baby sequence he did?

Cindey said...

looks like fun! :)

Miles Inada said...

these are nice