Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coming up for some air...

In the heat of animating. I have about 4-5 seconds left on a really juicy, acting shot in my film(estimated length of the scene is about 25 seconds!)--a shot that I've been dying to animate since the very beginning of the film, after this one I've got one more lengthy acting bit(a very fun scene of a dazzed/confused character fumbling around, trying to get his bearings again. About 20 seconds as well.) and then it's a lot of fast-paced action movements(scurrying, falling, and fast reactions). The scenes that have been animated arn't quite done yet, they're in various stages of "completion"---all of them need another pass to fix some things that have been pointed out to me over the past week. Shouldn't be more than a couple days of work. It's very cool seeing the character finally coming to "life"---it makes watching the scenes that are still only storyboards(aka. very still/dead), really really hard to watch. Just want to see it all moving!

Over the past week I re-visited the story of my film and have managed to tack on an additional 40 seconds of film-time. At least the setup for the entire film reads a lot clearer and the big buildup towards the climax is a lot stronger than the previous story-version. Generally everyone I showed the animatic to, who had never seen my story before, were completely confused within the first 15 seconds of the definitely had to do some re-boarding, but it all seems to come across now. Yay! Yesterday I got the final "green-light" to leave the story alone and just animate. Which I'm more than happy to do. Anyways, just posting to comment that I'm alive and for the most part, kickin'--I'm just making my way through the usual film-crunch time(73 days....).

A nice bit of inspiration to kick off what should be an all around "incredible" weekend--film-wise and otherwise. ;) Less vagueness and hopefully more details to come by Monday:

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