Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two in One day!

Making up for the lack of of posting with two posts in one day. Last week was one crazy rollercoaster kind-of week. Thankfully this week has improved a lot, and next week looks very promising(Monday is a Holiday and a bunch of us are spending it at, of all places, Disneyland). CalArts is all about the ups and downs. Oh yeah, and Zesung--by your standards this post will be unfortunately long, but you've probably stopped reading by now anyways. lol

Following up on my previous post with the animated music note, here's a page of thumbnails. I planned this out without investigating the actual rig, so I lost some of the flexibility when I translated these poses into Maya. Still came pretty darn close though:

The rest of this post is for traditional animation. While the actual animation isn't due for the next two weeks, we DO need our idea and poses, so I'm going to post my process here as this project goes along. This does ruin the surprise once I do have the finished product. But I won't include everything that happens. The assignment is an action/reaction scene with a maximum of 48 frames for the entire action. Basically he starts the scene with one emotion, and then at the end has a completely different emotion(ex. Happy to Angry) We have the option of using a prop of our choice. I settled on Daffy with a broomstick. Being October and since this is due pretty close to Halloween, I stuck with a seasonal theme, so while a devious Daffy "imagines" he's flying, the broom will eventually start floating with one very stunned Duck attached to it. So first up are thumbnails of a very disfigured duck:

Just trying different approaches to a similar situation. Encountered problems with some, others I planned on refining later on. Ontop of planning our assignment we also have to study the Daffy Duck model sheet the teacher handed out. He's really emphasizing being on-model for this next assignment, so I've been working on this part:

And now, the key poses for my assignment based off of the earlier thumbnails. Eventhough I've sketched this out on animation paper, I'm going to redraw these once I, A)get feedback from class tomorrow night and B) I start animating. Otherwise these will hopefully not change too much.

Alright, that's all folks!


Jonas v E said...

Lovely key poses, especially the middle one! Can't wait to see the final product :) When do you start working on your 2nd student film?

Cindey said...

great stuff jen!
had I known you posted last night I could have gotten a preview before class! Don't listen to zesung, although your posts are lengthy I think it's appreciated because you're being thorough and informative. Especially for those that want to know what goes on around here. Awesome poses and your thumbnails are really cute haha. DISNEYLAND!