Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daffy Wrap-Up and Lockdown

It's already the halfway mark! Week 7 just ended and things are going really well. Busy from 8 in the morning until about 1 in the morning, but it's work I'm enjoying. Film is going very very well. Making a lot of headway on it--a non-stop cycle of battling the beast that is story.

Time to share the finished Daffy Duck animation I've been working on for the past 3 weeks. So I basically took those 3 drawings from the previous post and did a breakdown, adding in additional poses so he starts to move between the main 3 key drawings.

This also had an idea which I dropped immediately after sharing this. In this breakdown he's moving up and down on the broom--pretending to ride it, but after my teacher's feedback, I started hunting for a stronger less muddy way of describing his action. Another critique involved how many poses Daffy was doing. I was having him really reach out and grab that broom and just fly right over it, so I restrained Daffy more and did another pass on the breakdowns:

Here's the new breakdown, with a few more drawings in there. Much clearer.

I then started smoothing out his actions, aka. Inbetweening until I got the final result:

I added in more time for the broom to actually take off, and really dragged Daffy's feet to convey his weight. I didn't fully inbetween the floating at the top(it alternates between 4's and 2's to those that want to know), so that's why it's a little jumpy at the top before Daffy reacts.

And in other news, it's the official 48 film lockdown! Every year voluntary students all get together and spend the following 48 hours making an individual(or group) film based on a noun drawn from a hat. So lockdown begun last night at midnight, after Mark Andrews came and gave an incredibly inspiring lecture on story(which I'll try and get the notes posted. Pretty similar to last year's notes though). I am attempting to participate, while I do have a story based on the theme of "Hair", and it's kind of working. I also have a ton of homework/film work to finish so I doubt it'll see the finish line, but we'll see. Well, have some photos from the lockdown meeting:

It was jam-packed. So lets see what kind of Hairy adventures will debut in 2 weeks!

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Jenessa said...

look at all those silly animators crammed in there....

ooo! nice daffy animation too! impressive