Monday, January 21, 2008

Would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing

Started animating over the weekend after losing a battle with the backgrounds(I'll conquer them soon enough---no fears) and can now say I have 1 of 25 scenes done! Sadly, not posting this elusive scene, however photos are following:

Here's the pile along with the first of the x-sheets. All 103 drawings. :)

A reject drawing that is not in the pile posted above. Though the action is still very much the same.

And this dear blog-readers is an official copyright document and basically says I own the rights to Tubby Tabby Productions, meaning, I have a production company. See Mom it arrived in one piece. ;) Thanks again Santa! And the rest of the artwork is a small glimpse into my wall o' film inspiration. Movies backgrounds include: 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, and Sword in the Stone.

It feels really good to be back in the swing of things, can't even explain the feeling of animating on paper, but I love it and feel right at home spending my weekends animating a mean ol' cat and a obsessive old man. :) The word excited is the understatement of the year. Anyways, another busy week at CalArts is upon me so ttfn...


Car2oon said...

Ooo a copyright! I gotta get me one of those!

Brian B said...

Really cool update Jen. I'm excited to see your film. Those BG's kick ass btw. I saved them before I knew they were used for your inspiration. Haha.

yezix said...

Ouuu an official copy right document! Fancy!

Jennifer said...

Car2oon: Haha, yeah it'll be very handy in the future I'm sure. :)

Brian: Yeah those BGs can be found if you google "animation backgrounds" and look for a blogspot account with that. Really fantastic blog--full of inspiring bgs. :)

Yezix: Just about the fanciest thing in my cube, 'cept the animation disc of coure.;) Hey how's school treating you in Florida? I'm enjoying all of the concept art on your blog.