Monday, January 14, 2008

First Day of Spring Semester Report

Well, it's the first official day of classes at CalArts. Same teachers, classes, and overall schedule really---only changes: No Color/Design, Story for Animators, or Contemporary Literature. I replaced these classes with: 'Origin of Animal Behavior' and 'Animation and "The Body"' it's a pretty light class load: 15 credits plus a film will keep me plenty busy. Also the 3D animation teacher is not coming back this semester and they've hired a new 3D animation teacher so I'm curious how tomorrow night's class will go, the word is he's worked as both a 2D and 3D animator in the industry.

Past couple of days have been spent pretty much either in my cube, the computer lab, or back in the dorm(like right now)---not a lot of events taking place right now and so not much to update about. Film animatic is coming together very nicely-one more official pass, finalize some backgrounds, and I'm ready to animate! My Story Development teacher got us all pumped up about our films and spent the first 10 minutes of class describing the next few months before sitting down with us one-on-one and giving us in-depth critiques on our animatics/boards. And yes Mom, the music went over very well. ;) Got a lot of compliments from fellow students and the teacher was groovin' to the rhythm on his 5th time watching it. haha. The rest of the critique was also great, I'm mostly down to fine-tuning and playing with the timing of certain scenes, but he was very pleased with it. Well until probably the weekend---adieu.


Car2oon said...
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Car2oon said...

Make sure to throw us a few sneak peaks of your film ;)

How come you changed your classes though?

Jennifer said...

I'll probably post maybe 1 little animation or something, but for the most part I'm keeping it all under-wraps until April 21st. ;) Don't worry I'll post it soon enough.

Certain classes only lasted until December(Story for Animators, Design, and the Cont. Lit. Class) so this semester I filled those gaps in my schedule with new classes.

fishbot said...

hey thanks for the comment, i totally added you to my link list