Friday, June 8, 2007

What's this? An update!

Well, term ended yesterday, and looking at my little countdown thing on my laptop it says: "86 days until I move into Cal Arts" and "71 days left at Target". Of course I'm excited about Cal Arts-I'm very excited to dive into that whole new world and animate every hour of the day. =D Okay so summer has started and I intend on finishing some projects, beginning new ones for personal sake of not becoming artistically rusty, and securing everything necessary before I head off on September first! Expect some more posts later answering some questions I've been receiving from the vast world of the Internets. =) In the meantime, here's a link to my 3D animation demo reel thing----working primarily with Lt. Dan though I dabbled with Lowman, I just never animated something I didn't completely hate with him so just a lot of circles.

3D is quite fun and yes I know I'm certifiably insane for saying that, but oh well. Next post will include a link to my demo reel I made in already has worn out on me, but those with fresh eyes(and ears in some cases) might like it. Overall, Flash and Maya both have their strong points and I'm becoming very comfortable in both(still have a LONG ways to go with Maya, but I know the pains of Splines and how horribly wrong things can go).

And since I started this post with various countdowns, I'll end with one: 20 days until Ratatouille! =D

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Cali said...

Heeeeey! That's pretty awesome! I love the 3d demo reel. Especially the very end part where he knocks the big block over XD XD YEY FOR LEAVING TARGET!!!!