Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ratatouille Review

JUST got back from a sneak screening of Ratatouille(whudda thunk they'd screen something here??? Oh well, I'm THRILLED they did). Basically, without any spoilers-----it was fantastic, a huge breath of fresh air for me after seeing some of the recent CG movies that have hit theatres(or at least now, HBO---lol). Ahhh, the animation of Remy, the Chef, Ego, and everybody else of course was sooo inspiring! More subtle animation than you can throw a stick at(or pencil, haha). As a quick geek moment, the mouth shapes and movements were so much fun to watch! That Chef and Ego were hilarious to just watch what new lip-shape Pixar would come up with. The movie was also just flat-out gorgeous! The lighting and attention to detail broke new boundaries. Finally, gotta love the camera work, some great angles and movements that I can't wait to see again. The story worked for me, some moments were a bit cliche, but honestly no complaints here...I enjoyed the overall journey the story took.Can't wait to see it again when it actually comes out in 12 days.

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