Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Very happy the break is here and I'm currently back home for a few days! I've been in crunch-time for the past 2 weeks animating away--and up until yesterday, my apartment definitely reflected the craziness that took place. But with CTN 2010 over with, and this past weeks' incredibly exciting events slowly wrapping up, I'm definitely resuming "normal" life. Being back home, eating a very delicious Thanksgiving meal, and spending time with family and friends has already restored some of my sanity. At this point, I'm going to finally post some work:

The above is a collection of work, both done at school and a couple assignments I did during my animation internship at Pixar.

And this test I wasn't able to finish in time to add to my reel that I showed at CTN, but since it's now in the can, I'm sharing it now.

Stay tuned, graduating in 21 days and I've got some major decisions to make in the next few days regarding the quickly approaching future.


Omar said...

Wow, awesome work!!!

Anonymous said...

really, REALLY nice work. I understand there's not much 3d teaching there? Looks really good.

Ruah Edelstein said...

Jen, looks great! Best wishes for your major decisions making!