Sunday, September 12, 2010

Year 4 is GO

(Just leaving the Bay Area headed for SoCal as the sun came up.)

I'm almost done unpacking everything and getting settled into Valencia again. Last week was my very last round of class and cube sign-ups(cube 65! North Side, fourth floor, baby!). Crazy as always! Anyways, tomorrow year four kicks off and in honor of that, I decided to finally change my blog banner since the other one has been up since the end of my first year--not quite sure if this one is less of an eyesore...A little shout-out of my film characters from CalArts---Pilot the cat, Otis the croc, and Bot the alien crab-like robot.

I'll update tomorrow night with class schedule details, and some pics from the past week--just need to add a few more home-like touches to le cube, like my animation disc. Okay, over and out!


Trent Correy said...

Hey Jen, I come to your blog alot, always inspired! Goodluck this year in school, can't wait to see your rock'n film!

Anonymous said...

prepare for warp speed!