Sunday, May 23, 2010

3rd Year Wrap-up--To Infinity and Beyond

Tomorrow summer officially begins--just moved everything into storage today and in the morning, I off for the summer!

A quick snap-shot of how chaotic my cube looked while I boxed everything up. Always a sad time when everyone is packing up, the cubes very quickly become a ghost town and it's hard to think that just a month ago everyone had just finished their films! My 3rd year at CalArts has been, quite frankly, a pretty kick-ass awesome year. I've learned an incredible amount since September and can hardly believe how fast the time has rocketed by! It feels like I was unpacking just last week! Anyways, it has been a wild ride, but every minute has definitely been worth it. I hope everyone has a great/relaxing summer and see ya in September!

A little under 2 weeks remain until I take-off for my internship at:

I'm so excited to start! (though definitely getting a little nervous about it. The first day jitters are quickly setting in.)


Omar said...

Wow! Congratulations on landing that!

Boris M. said...

Congrats Jen, that's awesome! You definitely deserve it, your film looked great.
Amanda and I still know nothing about 3D.
Have fun!

Kristen said...

You=SUPERSTAR!!! Criss Angel rabbit approves, SHHHH :X haha :D

amelia said...

You'll do great! Congrats again and HAVE FUN!! :D

Michael Yates said...

Congrats! What department will you be in?

Tessa's Art said...


WOOT and Gratz! Your internship sounds wonderful.

You were born to animate ;) Please keep us posted over the summer and let me know when you come into town. (Ashland)

Have a great summer.

Tessa SOU

yezix said...

Hey!!! Are you interning at Pixar too? I'll see you there! I wouldn't be in until June 19th though! Finally we'll meet :D

Jennifer Harlow said...

Aww, thank you everyone! :)

And Michael, I'll be interning in the animation department.

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