Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini-Crunch time

So since my last post several things took place--I was lucky enough to attend CTN for one. I'll probably be elaborating on most of my recent activities during Winter Break---for now, it's definitely mini-crunch time and I'm spending my day either animating or wrapping up my story/animatic for my film. To keep things semi-lively around here I'll be updating with the drawings I did over Thanksgiving break. I took a plane back home and it was wonderful spending some time back in ol' Oregon. Had a really great time catching up with friends and enjoying some very delcious food with family. Cannot wait until Winter Break, I'm craving the "Southern Oregon scene" a lot right now.

All these people were in LAX. The black and white drawing of the guy on the ukulele with the woman/baby has a very cute story. Baby was crying and this stranger sitting near-by pulled out his ukulele and started playing---little baby was completely fascinated. The rest of the group were certainly entertaining--like the "Bedazzled Babe" as I've dubbed her, she was decked out in a gem-studded jean jacket, complete with a glistening belt. She was headed to Vancouver, so lookout Canada. And then just a study I did on the plane flying up North.

I'm currently figuring out the design for my next dialogue homework in traditional animation. It involves a baby beaver and I can't wait to start animating--he's going to probably change a bit in the next week or so, but he'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of the top beaver's look. I do have a previous dialogue test--but I just need to fix a few things before I'm ready to scan/upload it here. Should have it up by Thursday. Anyways, that's all for now, I've got a few guest lectures to catch-up on--Pete Sohn, who directed Partly Cloudy, visited on Friday and gave one very awesome lecture, so those notes will be up ASAP.


Kevin Schmit said...

I'll keep an eye out for her! Luckily she'll have lots of crazies to keep her company:).

Crystal said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you're blog is awesome and I think you're an amazing animator. You're CalArts experience seems interesting.

Might I ask what materials you use to draw and color your drawings, such as in this post?

You're work is great.

Jennifer Harlow said...

Crystal: Aww thank you. :) The materials I use are just microns(usually .08) for inking and then plain ol' watercolors for the actual coloring.